Di Ammo

Super phosphoric acid - 70% P2O5 liquid

Product Type: Liquid Fertilizers

Product Information

  • Total phosphorous (as P2O5) : 70%
  • Polyphosphate (as P2O5) : 19%
  • Di Ammo provides Phosphorus content to plant in readily available form and has Preventive and curative action.
  • Increases output of healthy leaves, providing increased performance and quality of the Fruits.
  • Harmless to beneficial insects and other organisms.
  • Suitable for replenishing the phosphorus hungry soils and de-clogging the nozzles of various irrigation systems like drip, sprinkle and pivot irrigation systems and adding phosphorus in drip irrigation system and adding available phosphorus to the soil.
  • It can be applied in any field crop / horticultural crop / fruit crops

Other Information

  • Dose and time of application: Recommended through drip irrigation / flat irrigation in furrow / by spray
  • Soil application: 1-2lit / acre, Drip- 1 lit in 200 lit water


2 – 3 kg or lit / acre