Liquid NPK- 10:34:00- Ammonium Poly Phosphate

Product Type: Liquid Fertilizers

Product Information

  • Total Nitrogen (all as ammoniacal nitrogen): 10%
  • Total Phosphorus (as P2O5): 34%
  • Poly-phosphorous (as P2O5): 22%
  • Grow root helps in root development, also helps in shoot initiation and stem development.
  • It can be applied from 25 days to crop 60 days of crop stage.
  • Grow root is also powered with bio stimulant that helps plant to grow faster and develops immunity within plant system.

Other Information

  • Dose and time of application: Spray: 2 to 3 ml/ per lit water, Drip: 2-3 lit/acre


250ml, 500ml, 1 lit