Unifert NPK: 11-00-37+ME

Product Type: Crop Specific Products

Product Information

100% water soluble fertilizer

  1. Total nitrogen per cent by weight minimum – 11
  2. Total potash (K2O) per cent by weight minimum – 37
  3. Micro nutrients – Zinc, Ferrous, Boron and kinnow specific bio stimulant
  • KINNOW SPECIAL completes the requirement of nutrition in KINNOW/CITRUS.
  • KINNOW SPECIAL boots the vegetative growth of plant and helps to grow vigor.
  • KINNOW SPECIAL helps in flowering initiation and boots reproductive growth of plant.
  • KINNOW SPECIAL spray resulted in profuse flowering and helps in fertilization of plant thus more fruit formation.
  • KINNOW SPECIAL spray at the time of development of fruit helps to development more even fruits, juicier, shiny skin and increases keeping life of fruit.

Other Information

Time of spray: 7 days before flowering and continue then every 10-12 days gap

Dose: Spray: 1kg to 3kg per acre depending upon crop stage and requirement of plant. Drip – 3kg to 5kg per acre.