Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria – Granular, Liquid) - ZSB

Product Type: Bio Fertilizers

Product Information

  • Zinc solubilizing bacterium in Mehizinc multiplies, secretes organic acids and helps to solubilize insoluble and chelated zinc fixed in the soil. This mobilized zinc is easily available to the plants.
  • Natural zinc solubilization improves both plant and soil health and also aids in soil remediation.
  • The increase in the beneficial microbe population in soil improves soil health.
  • Mehizinc is earthworm friendly.

Other Information

  • Soil Application – for field crops, orchard, Vegetable and fruit crops apply Mehizinc @ 2 -4 kg / acre uniformly at the time of land preparation or just before irrigation in standing crops.
  • Drip Irrigation : Mix 3 Kg/ acre of Mehizinc in drip stream


2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 500ml, 1 lit