Potato Special

Unifert NPK: 11-00-37

Product Type: Crop Specific Products

Product Information

100% water soluble mixture of fertilizer

  1. Total nitrogen per cent by weight minimum – 11
  2. Total potash (K2O) per cent by weight minimum – 37

Powered with: Zinc, Boron, Manganese, Magnesium, Copper, Ferrous and potato specific bio stimulant

  • Potato Special boots the vegetative growth of plant and helps to grow plant faster.
  • Potato Special helps in tuber initiation/formation and boots reproductive growth of plant.
  • Potato Special sprays resulted in quality tuber formation, uniform size and uniform maturity of tubers.
  • Potato Special sprays develop healthy potato formation, more self life or storage value and more production with better yield.

Other Information

Spray : 1 kg per acre spray, or 3 to 4 kg per acre in drip irrigation.

  1. Spray after 25 to 30 days of planting – for good vegetative growth of the potato plant.
  2. Spray after 45-50 days of planning – for better tuber initiation/formation and development.
  3. Spray after 85-90 days of planting – for enhancing quality of potato.