Product Type: Bio Fertilizers

Product Information

  • Raiza increases the absorbing area of roots from 10 to 1000 times and the same extensive network of fungal filaments enhances the nutrient uptake efficiency of plant.
  • Raiza maintains sufficient moisture content near rhizosphere of roots and also protect plant by fighting against plant pathogenic soil born fungi.
  • Raiza also secrets necessary plant growth promoting hormones that help plant roots, shoots and fruits growth.
  • In non-irrigated conditions, mycorrhizal plants are under far less drought stress compared to non-mycorrhizal plants.

Other Information

  • Field Application:Mix 4 Kg of Raiza with about 30-50 kg Farm Yard Manure or soil or fine sand and broadcast in one acre area uniformly


4KG GRANULAR FORM, 100 Gms (VAM – water soluble powder for drip application)